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Each sector is named for a constellation it passes through. The concept of the zodiac originated in Babylonian astrologyand was later influenced by Hellenistic culture. According to astrologycelestial phenomena relate to human activity on the principle of " as above, so below ", so that the signs are held to represent characteristic modes of expression.

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Leo Woman and Scorpio Man Love Compatibility

The bull is about all things sensual. While this raw sensuality usually looks good on a woman, on the Taurus man it can occasionally come off as, well…a little sleazy. Geminis are the Peter Pans of the zodiac. Geminis are fans of light touch, position changes, mild dirty talk their ruler being Mercury, the planet of communication and feather-light kisses.

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DIET CIG's Alex Luciano Talks Astrology, Growing Up and Being Punk

Emotional baggage is just as much a part of our personalities as a sense of humor or having a talent for a musical instrument. I was spanked as a child and when someone spanks me now, even in a playful way, it sets me off. Should we really take a chance that we may be hurt again?

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As the Leo and Scorpio falls for a love relationship, they become possessive of each other, which creates big issue between them. Each of them finds much to appreciate in each other and none shies away from a relationship when it gets intense. A Scorpio man has magnetism in his personality which makes him different from everyone, wherever he goes. He is a man who is calm and serene, unruffled on the outside but hardly anyone knows what lay beneath his surface.