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I walked into the kitchen and my Daddy had a funny look on his face. Daddy had never made a spanking reference before in all my 19 years. Daddy said, "Julie, I saw what you were looking at on the computer last night. You should be ashamed of yourself.

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Part 1 It wasand Jan was a pretty seventeen year-old in the spring of her junior year of high school -- a willowy 5'6" with light brown hair, pale skin with just a few freckles. She lived in Middleburg, Ohio with her family, father Jim and mother Dawn. It was a close knit, loving family with both parents dead-set on bring up their only child with old-fashioned, traditional values. That meant homework done and to school on time, church on Sunday, and dinnertime together during the week.

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Daddy Spanked Me

My name is Gabby and I'm sixteen years old. I live with my dad, my uncle, and my little brother. I get into trouble a lot and it usually results in me getting an over the knee spanking.

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My dear friend Kay who I wrote the story Even Pirates get Spankings for reminded me of this story I wrote in December of and posted on the Google group soc. Although that is less than five years ago, it seems like a long time. I had just moved miles for a new job, in an environment like nothing else I'd ever experienced. The job worked out well in the long run, I'm happy to say, but in the beginning is was a bit rough.